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Why I Upgrade My PDR Tools

I have to get something straight. I love new tools. Whether they are paintless dent repair tools or Snap On tools. I love them all. Tools are not going to make you a better tech right off the bat. However, they will if you take the time to really understand their purpose.

For years in my early career from 1991-1996 my step dad and I had a welder make our tools. They did the job.. to a certain extent. Then we found a company called “Inventure.” That was like Christmas! I ordered tools from there that helped me take dents out of panels I thought were not possible without making a dent first to get to a dent. Or having to drill or remove back side panels. It was a relief. Later on Dent Craft Tools and they became a solid player in the PDR business and still are. Their whale tails are considered the best in the business and still my go to for very tight access and close to seams near edges. Unfortunately they haven’t changed much when it comes to the PDR tools but all their tools are consistently solid.

One day in 1998, my cousin who is a PDR tech in Riverside says, Hey Myke there is a company who makes PDR tools in a garage and the tools are really good. So I made the effort to come up from San Diego. I get to the location and I had to drive down an alley to a garage in these residential homes. I was thinking, I’m not sure I’m going to find what I’m looking for here in a back of an alley? Low and behold, I see Steve Hopf (Ultra Dent Tools owner). He had makeshift garage with a few machines like a belt sander, tool bender and some other tool apparatus for the finishing touches to make a PDR tool.

He greets me and takes me to a small room in the back of his garage that looked like a walk in closet but full of gorgeous PDR tools. Shiny, polished and perfect looking. He handed me a tool and said this is our latest tool called the soft tip. It’s meant for bigger dents. What really wowed me was the craftsmanship he was outputting from his garage. They variations of tools I have never seen. I was excited. I didn’t have the attitude, “I’m good with my old tools.” What I saw was an opportunity to make myself as a PDR tech even better.

Newer tools offer new ways to remove dents and in most cases faster and cleaner. Yes it can be expensive if you just go out and buy whatever you want. But as you know, I review tools and I use to co-host a podcast show (still exists) full time called PDR Tool Time. You should check it out.

There are always newer and newer tools being made. Most are beneficial and I encourage you to have an open mind. Later on, I’ll be touching base about the Stanliner tools as well.

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