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state farm paintless dent repair matrix

State Farm Paintless Dent Repair Matrix

What can be fixed with paintless dent repair?

Hail damage,. Gravel, pebbles, and road debris damage,. Parking accidents,. Bumped car doors,. Fender benders and minor collision repair,. Bodylines damage,. Dents and dings of varying sizes.[1]

What is the difference between conventional repair and paintless dent repair?

PDR doesn’t need the use of auto paint or other environmentally harmful products. Traditional auto body repair relies on chemicals during the process. PDR returns the metal to its original shape without the need for any of the added materials. It delivers zero harmful chemicals.[2]

Can PDR remove door dings?

Most Doors can be Repaired with PDR Because most doors can either be easily removed from the vehicle or the door card, inner cover, or door skin can be removed, PDR technicians can easily access the area behind your doors to pop out dents and restore them to their original shape.[3]

Can PDR fix small dents?

PDR can be used to remove 80-90% of minor dents and dings. In fact, nowadays, it is the recommended way of removing dents from vehicles. If the area behind the dent can be accessed, then the professionals can massage out the dent using PDR techniques and restore your car.[4]

How much does it cost to pop out a dent?

The dent repair cost may range from $50 to $2,500. Although that’s a broad range, most small dents that are roughly an inch in size may cost around $50 to $125. Small indentations may come from a flying rock or piece of hail. Dents stemming from a collision are typically larger and cost $150 or more.[5]

Is it worth fixing small dent on car?

Unless the dent or scrape is very minor (and therefore very cheap to fix), older and less-valuable vehicles probably won’t gain much value from a repair. You’re often better off just keeping your money and living with the scrape and the knowledge that your car is a little less perfect than it was yesterday.[6]

Whats the benefit of having PDR versus a body shop repair?

Top Reasons to Use PDR: Save time. PDR usually takes a fraction of the time that takes place at a body shop. Preserve resale value. Paint repairs are easily detectable when it comes time to sell or trade your car.[7]

Can you plunge a dent out of a car?

You’ll need a pot of very hot water and a simple plunger. Pour the hot water over the dented surface of the car. This softens the material. Put the plunger over the indented area and pull straight out.[8]

How much does it cost to fix a ding in a car door?

Paintless dent removal costs can vary a bit, depending on the size of the dent. Small dings can cost around $75 to $125, while larger dents range from $150 to $450.[9]

How much does it cost to repair a dent in a car door?

Car door repair or replacement cost: $50 to $1,000+ If the dents on your door are small, dent repair costs can be fairly cheap and quick to fix. Paintless car dent repair services start around $50 and go up based on the dent’s size. When there are scratches, the cost to repaint a car will add to the total bill.[10]

Can all dents be pulled out?

Can All Dents Be Suctioned Out of a Car? Not all dents can or should be suctioned out. If the dent is large, the suction method may not work. Additionally, if there are any cracks in the panel, the entire panel should be replaced, rather than having the dent removed.[11]

Is paintless dent removal any good?

Paintless dent repair (or PDR) is widely considered the most cost-effective, quickest, and most environmentally friendly solution to vehicle dent repairs. A good analogy would be a minor scratch on your arm compared to a more severe cut or laceration.[12]

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